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Who We Are

Since our establishment, when home delivery was commonplace, we’ve gone through various changes but have always remained loyal to our clientele. Our longstanding clients include stores, restaurants, schools, office buildings and many other businesses just like yours.  We strive to ensure all our clients are, as you will be, satisfied with our quality products and excellent service.   

"Daniel Leger is carrying on his family's long milk-delivery legacy"

We are fresh to home delivery, but not to delivering great product above expectations! Your Milk Man stems from a family business that started with home delivery over 5 generations ago. While most of our existing clients are shops, restaurants, schools and office buildings across the city, we have expanded to home delivery.  

As a proud member of the Ottawa  community since our establishment, Your Milk Man has been supplying our clients with the very best in the ever-evolving dairy business. While our product line grows more complex, our goal remains simple; to provide the freshest and most delicious products for a fair price. 

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